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There seems to be confusion on the Forum and Facebook about what is going on at the moment.                                                    

The statement regarding Linton’s departure that appeared on Facebook should have been here

on the website but wires got crossed somewhere and that didn’t happen.    

So anyway….  We are, as you know, looking for a new singer.  

So far we have had many applicants for the position and new demos are still arriving daily. 

The standard of demos has been very high and we are confident that we will get the singer

we are looking for but we are not in a rush to make a decision until we are completely satisfied

we have checked out all possibilities.


Now on a different subject, let me explain how things are done on our website and Facebook.

When I want to put a message (such as this one) on the website, I send it in an email to one

of the administrators and they stick it up there for me.

I am a Neanderthal when it comes to operating within the “social media”.

I have no idea how it is done ( I don’t blag, blog, twat, twot or twit).

As far as I know, the Facebook has 5 or 6 administrators at any given time and they are usually

from agency, record company or any special projects that are happening at the time

(eg. the new Metropolis DVD etc.).

Now that I look at the situation it’s not surprising that things get a little bit confused at times

so I think that maybe we will have to sort this out for the future.

I mention all this because I am told that some of you believe the band were making all these

posts as they are mostly signed ‘Nazareth’.

Can’t blame you really but if one of the band wants to say something they will sign out

with their name.

Personally I have never written a word on Facebook but if I ever do … ???  

you will know it’s me.

Hope to have some good news regarding singer soon.

Cheers Pete