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  naz-webshop-thAt last … We are proud to present the new Webshop.

  At the moment there are 3 designs for shirts.
We have samples of each and are very happy with the quality of the material used and especially the quality and colors of the printed designs….
It was already pointed out to us by several people over the last few days that the postage charges seemed excessive.
We have since been in touch with the company who operate the Webshop who have now found a cheaper way to deliver orders worldwide.
(Prices include insurance of packages weighing up to 2kg.)
After checking many other band’s webshops, we are now happy to say that our prices are much the same as theirs and in many cases even cheaper.jimmy-pete
You will always, of course, be able to buy shirts with Nazareth designs (bootlegs) from other ‘online companies’ (thieves who have stolen our copyright)
for cheaper prices and questionable quality but we would hope that after all the requests we had from our fans to open a shop that those fans will support the new store.
Anyway, we hope you like the merchandise we have to start with.
We look forward to your comments and are always happy to hear your ideas for other products.
Lee and Carl are working to create a really exciting new flavor of Nazareth ice cream but are having difficulty with the delivery system.
All suggestions taken seriously …….
  Band Photograghy, Dagmar Heinrich-Hoppen