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European Tour Update

Hi Everyone,


We’ve had to cancel the remaining German, Swiss and Austrian shows due to Linton having a virus affecting his vocal chords.
The tour was going great until 20 minutes before we were due onstage in Stuttgart when Linton went to have his usual voice warm up and discovered he could hardly sing.
It was a shock to all of us ( especially Linton himself) because he didn’t have any noticeable symptoms that would cause this.
No cold, no hoarseness, no sore throat.
When he talked he sounded perfectly normal and he felt fine.

He was taken to the hospital that night and after examination it was discovered he had a virus that was attacking his vocal chords and was told to rest his voice for 48 hours and hopefully this would take care of things.
We were told that unfortunately there is no treatment for a virus like this and only time will heal.
The following day was an off day in Mühldorf so Linton could rest his voice.
The next day he gave it right up until showtime hoping that things had improved but to no avail and the show had to be cancelled.
Rather than continue like this every day for another 4 shows it was decided that we should cut the tour short and give this virus time to run it’s course so that Linton could be fit to do the shows in Finland next week.
Our Agents have been talking with the promoters of the cancelled shows and we are hoping to come back and play these shows end of March, beginning of May in 2015.
We would like to thank everyone for the support they gave us on this tour and especially the people who showed us their understanding on the cancellations.
All the best,   Nazareth.