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We take great (really great) pleasure introducing to you our new singer, CARL SENTANCE.

We had been looking at Carl from afar for some time and very much liked what we saw (and heard)

so we asked him to come up and sing a couple of songs with us in the studio.

He came in on Tuesday and completely blew us away in the space of half a song!

He was offered and accepted the job right there and then.

As you can imagine, we are dying to get started with rehearsals but it’s going to have to wait for a bit

as Carl has other projects booked for the next few weeks.

These include “The Classic Rock Show” and “Don Airey & Friends” so it will be April before you

get a load of the new Naz.

Meanwhile we would like to thank all you guys for sending us demos of your singing performances 

and we wish you all the very best in your future careers – keep on rockin’.

 I won’t bother going into Carl’s history here because I know that by now half of you are already 

shredding the Internet regarding this and within the next ten minutes will probably know more 

about him than we do.


As we said on our headline banner - it’s going to be an exciting 2015!


Take care