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website-photoIt’s been a funny kinda year.
When we started out in January we weren’t sure if we would be continuing as a band but after playing some rehearsals with Linton —–
well you all know what happened.
Because it took some time to put things back together, we didn’t start booking shows until later in the year than we normally do so it ended up with us touring a lot less than previous years.
This won’t be the case in 2015.
We still managed to see quite a few of you and were delighted with the reception you gave us.
It was always going to be difficult introducing a new singer but we were pleasantly surprised with the reaction to our new guy.
He was very, very happy too ; as you can imagine he was more than a little nervous taking over the middle mic from Dan.
Anyway, just as we were having a really good time and things were coming together beautifully onstage, Linton contracted a throat virus and we had to end up pulling the second half of our tour.
Like I said ‘it’s been a funny kinda year’ and we won’t be sorry to see it end.
However, the prospects for next year are looking good and we’re hoping to have a hammering ‘healthy’ start with the UK dates in January.
I’d like to thank you all for the encouragement and good vibes you gave us throughout what was a very trying and important year.
With all the ups and downs it was comforting to know you were behind us and we will never forget that.
Everyone close to us who works personally with us and makes
things happen in any number of different ways have been outstanding this year. We could never thank you enough.
It only remains for me now to wish you all, on behalf of Jimmy, Lee, Linton and myself, a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.



Hi Everyone,

We’ve had to cancel the remaining German, Swiss and Austrian shows due to Linton having a virus affecting his vocal chords.
The tour was going great until 20 minutes before we were due onstage in Stuttgart when Linton went to have his usual voice warm up and discovered he could hardly sing.
It was a shock to all of us ( especially Linton himself) because he didn’t have any noticeable symptoms that would cause this.
No cold, no hoarseness, no sore throat.
When he talked he sounded perfectly normal and he felt fine.
He was taken to the hospital that night and after examination it was discovered he had a virus that was attacking his vocal chords and was told to rest his voice for 48 hours and hopefully this would take care of things.
We were told that unfortunately there is no treatment for a virus like this and only time will heal.
The following day was an off day in Mühldorf so Linton could rest his voice.
The next day he gave it right up until showtime hoping that things had improved but to no avail and the show had to be cancelled.
Rather than continue like this every day for another 4 shows it was decided that we should cut the tour short and give this virus time to run it’s course so that Linton could be fit to do the shows in Finland next week.
Our Agents have been talking with the promoters of the cancelled shows and we are hoping to come back and play these shows end of March, beginning of May in 2015.
We would like to thank everyone for the support they gave us on this tour and especially the people who showed us their understanding on the cancellations.
All the best,   Nazareth.

naz-europeIt has been more than two and a half years since we did a German/Swiss/Austrian tour and we have missed you all very much.
We have been so used to doing the tour every year (usually around the same time) that it felt strange not doing a Spring tour in 2013.
Anyway, we’re all really looking forward to the Winter tour this year for a special reason and that is the fact that it will be our first shows where you will get to see Linton in action as our lead singer.
He has heard the band and crew raving about past Euro tours and can’t wait to join in the fun.
Also we have Finland at the end of the tour. I never know whether Finland is Europe, Scandinavia or just plain Finland.
Whatever, we’re looking forward to seeing you guys too.
This year started slowly as we put the band back together again with the new line up and it took the whole Canadian tour to get everything to gel properly and finally get the result we were striving for.
By the time we got out to do some festival shows in Switzerland/Austria and Romania in August the band was cookin’ with a new lease of life and we could feel ourselves relax and begin to really enjoy just being up there playing together.

naz-euro-m,eet-n-greetOn another note we are also holding a special competition for 5 lucky fans to win a meet and greet with the band after a show that’s part of the European Tour.

Buy a ticket in advance and send in a scanned copy or a photo to

Include your name, email address and the venue you have tickets for, you will get a personalised lanyard pass and a special signing card.


Good luck to all who enter, see you all at the gigs.


10-days to go!!!



  • Nazareth performing to 125 select fans in a unique intimate setting in Studio A (recording home to Michael Jackson, Queen and their last studio album with Freddie Mercury)
  • Personalised guest lanyard
  • Meet and greet with the band after the show
  • All ticket holders will have their name on the credits of the DVD
  • Downloadable photos from the event by professional photographer
  • Copy of printed set list
  • Complimentary drink upon arrival

We are pleased to announce Rodney Matthews (Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art/illustration Designer) who designed the 1979 Nazareth album ‘No Mean City’ will be displaying his art around the building, and Matthews has been commissioned to design the artwork for the cover of the DVD. 

no-mean-city-18112013- (1)

To get your exclusive video from the band, text ‘Nazareth’ to 60666 


Hi guys

I would just like to say thank you all for the birthday wishes, to each and every one of you.

I am deeply moved by the posts and comments on the website and the Facebook pages.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Keep on Nazzing





Filmed for TV and DVD this unique concert will allow you to see NAZARETH as you never will
again – in a studio/club environment reminiscent of legendary clubs like The Marquee. All
guests are part of the filmed show and VIP treatment starts the moment you arrive at
Metropolis Studios
Complimentary drinks are provided on arrival, and you will receive a personalised pass/lanyard.
After drinks you will be ushered into Studio A where NAZARETH will perform a blistering concert
in a tightly packed club atmosphere
After show will be in Metropolis Main bar with NAZARETH joining the party for a meet and greet
and photographs. Our own photographer will be shooting all evening from arrival to end and
these shots are loaded on line for VIP guests to download hi-res images at their discretion from
our microsite.

All tickets are e-tickets and on a first come, first served basis.
Tickets are exchanged for your personalised, numbered lanyard upon arrival at the studio
Metropolis Studios. The Power House, 70 Chiswick High Road. London W4 1SY | +44 (0) 208 742 1111

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is: the first excerpt from interviews we filmed with all 4 band members in the studio where they recorded the new album, talking about ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone’ and their amazing 45 year career. More clips to follow as well as details about a special “listening party” which will involve the full album but only for a limited period of time.

Please see below the official press release from Union Square Music as regards the new, Rock ‘N’ Roll Telephone, album. We have been waiting for official conformation on release dates and all that sort of thing.

USMFLDC001 Rock n Roll Telephone Hi Res art

As you’ll see, the album will be available as a CD, Double CD with bonus tracks and also a Double Gatefold Vinyl release.

We have also filmed a few interviews with the band talking about the new record, which may be used as a special download in the future.

The interviews were filmed at The Sub Station where the album was recorded.


More information on this will be available when we have it.

It has been very gratifying that so many people are as excited about the new album as we are.

As always, thanks for the support.

The band has been busy rehearsing with Linton and we look forward to getting back on the road soon.

Thanks for sticking by us, and we hope you enjoy the new record.

Peace and Love, Brothers and Sisters.


Press Release  

Album release date (UK): 9 June 2014


With a career spanning 45 years and 22 albums, Dunfermline rockers Nazareth are back with Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone, which is released on tbc 2014 via Union Square Music.

The band’s 23rdstudio album, their first since 2011’s Big Dogz, features 11 original heavy rockers and bluesy ballads. The Deluxe Digipack edition will include a second disc with two additional studio recordings and five live tracks, and will also be available in a double LP gatefold vinyl version.

A welcome return to form, this may be the last album to feature original singer Dan McCafferty, who has had to stand down from touring duties due to ill health.  If this does prove to be Dan’s last stand, he retires on a high note with his legacy as one of rock’s greatest vocalists assured.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone proves that the boys from Dunfermline, who determinedly walked to London for a chance at a career in music over four decades ago, perhaps weren’t taking quite such a risk as it may have seemed at the time.

Having initially broken in to the London-dominated music scene of the ‘70s with their unique brand of rock (they were named Melody Maker’s ‘Brightest Hope’ in 1973), the band have spent over forty years touring the world and releasing new music. One of rock’s most enduring acts, they have played everywhere from America and Russia to a mountain top gig in the Austrian Alps last year, and continue with a resilience and longevity that is almost unmatched.

The band have sold in excess of 30 million albums worldwide and have cracked the Top 10 in the U.S., Canada and Europe, having had many number 1s in countries too numerous to list. Nazareth are an acknowledged influence on superstars Guns ‘n’ Roses and countless other hard rockers who have followed in their wake, assuring their place amongst the greats of rock ‘n’ roll.

Deluxe 2 CD and Double Vinyl Track Listing:

Disc / LP 1

  1. Boom Bang Bang
  2. One Set of Bones
  3. Back 2B4
  4. Winter Sunlight
  5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone
  6. Punch A Hole In The Sky
  7. Long Long Time
  8. The Right Time
  9. Not Today
  10. Speakeasy
  11. God Of The Mountain


  1. Just A Ride
  2. Wanna Feel Good?


  1. Big Boy
  2. Kentucky Fried Blues
  3. Sunshine
  4. Expect No Mercy
  5. God Save The South

Nazareth are delighted to officially announce that we have found a new vocalist and frontman.

We would like to introduce you all to Linton Osborne.


After extensive auditions, the band was knocked out by Linton’s voice, presence and style.

And he’s a thoroughly good guy!

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and raised in Rosyth near Dunfermline, 41-year-old Linton has been singing and performing professionally for as long as he can remember.

A long time fan of Nazareth and Dan McCafferty, on his selection as Nazareth’s new singer Linton simply says, “It’s better than winning the lottery!”

As well as a passion for Rock ‘n’ Roll and singing, Linton also enjoys Kickboxing and likes to stay in shape.

His enthusiasm and energy has been a shot in the arm for the band, and a real boost after the keen sense of loss and sadness at the sudden retirement of our dear friend and brother, Dan.

Dan was pleased to hear that Linton, a ‘local lad’, had been chosen to follow in his footsteps.

The two singers have met and get on very well.

It seems that they have a lot in common, not least a love for old time Rock ‘n’ 

Roll, with the legendary Little Richard being a firm favorite of them both.

Dan was heartfelt in expressing his feelings toward Linton and the band, wishing them good luck, safe travels and success in the future.

We love you Dan.

 Dan McCafferty & Linton Osborne - Nazareth Dan McCafferty & Linton Osborne - Nazareth

Linton is thrilled to be a part of the bands continuing story and is excited about taking the music forward.

Nazareth are now able to move ahead with rehearsals and will be back on the road very soon.

 See you out there….